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Canary Wharf has been designed to enhance social interactions, where serendipitous meetings and inspiring conversations are just around the corner, and a range of lifestyle activities, shops, restaurants, parks, waterside gardens and boardwalks are part of the daily experience.
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Natural inspiration

Open Spaces

Research shows that both green and blue spaces have a profound influence on our health, lowering stress, anxiety and cortisol, while boosting attention, memory, creativity and wellbeing. Canary Wharf is designed with 16.5 acres of landscaped parks and gardens to provide moments of restoration, calm and inspiration during breaks from the work day.  

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  •  <h2>Canada Square Park</h2>

    Canada Square Park

  •  <h2>Jubilee Park</h2>

    Jubilee Park

  •  <h2>Middle Dock</h2>

    Middle Dock

  •  <h2>Roof Garden</h2>

    Roof Garden

  •  <h2>Westferry Circus</h2>

    Westferry Circus

  •  <h2>Harbour Quay</h2>

    Harbour Quay