Posted: 14.11.2023
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Why we wanted to bring a game changing entertainment company to Canary Wharf

Why we wanted to bring a game changing entertainment company to Canary Wharf

Canary Wharf isn’t just home to a diverse residential community, it’s also a hive of entrepreneurial inspiration and development. An area that’s famous as a financial district, its evolution means it now also attracts a wide spectrum of organisations across a variety of sectors.

For example, Broadwick is a company at the centre of the entertainment industry, designing, building and operating some of the UK’s most exciting spaces, cultural brands and live events. Marketing Director, Ebony Riley James, told us why it’s the perfect location to take their business to the next level.

The chance to create something unique

Businesses on the cutting edge of their field don’t always want to be surrounded by hundreds of other people who all do exactly the same thing. They want to be part of a community that complements their business with adjacent products and services – They also look for an opportunity to bring something unique to the area, making a name for themselves in that space.

Ebony says: “We don’t just want to take from an area – we also want to contribute to it, bringing our unique energy. At Broadwick, ultimately, we are a real frontrunner in the world of electronic music & arts. So, I think what we’re bringing to Canary Wharf is that element of culture.”

Festival14 stage in Canada Square Park

All about the team

Entertainment businesses are vibrant, energetic and all about having people who give 100% all the time, so the location of the company needs to attract, invite and fuel that enthusiasm. The ecosystem around a business needs to support and excite staff as well as customers to make sure you’ve got the best people in the business.

Ebony says: “There’s a diverse range of amenities and services around the local area; great places to socialise, to be by the water – which is a real selling point for our teams […] For me the accessibility is key – I come into London Bridge and get on the Jubilee Line. I’m a working mum, so the option to be able to pop to the chemist and the bank within 30-minutes during lunch is extremely convenient, while also providing great after work social options is also great.”

Man chopping at MMy Wood Wharf

Choosing who we want to be

The location, the building and the environment that your office is in all contribute to how your business operates and ultimately how you’re positioning yourself in the world. For example, if your building is unsustainable, that reflects on your brand and its values. Where you choose to be is a powerful statement of intent.

Ebony says: “Ultimately, for us as a business, sustainability is definitely on our agenda and we’re always working to improve our sustainability efforts. So, for us to move to Canary Wharf and for there to be an alignment there in terms of how Canary Wharf prioritises sustainability, with services such as watering stations across the estate, is great.”

Men walking through Crossrail Place Roof Garden

Beyond the work day

Entertainment businesses often mean working hours that go beyond the standard 9 ‘til 5 – it can be all-encompassing, so it’s not enough for a location to be somewhere people are happy to come to work – it needs to be somewhere they’re excited to be all the time. Furthermore, if you’re operating in the events sphere, who your neighbours are reflects on you with your customers as well.

Ebony says: “The diversity of activities means that people can do everything in one location. You can come here, pick up a great coffee on your way to work, sit by the water if you want to, have a lovely lunch and then meet your friends in the evening for a lovely meal, everything is on your doorstep.”

Fairground games at Fair Game

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